Key Strength

Leading the way in the  Industrial Technology.

Strong Corporate Governance
and employee empowerment

With our focus on growth we will continue to achieve sustainable competitive advantage through good corporate governance and best management practices. The group has strategically positioned itself in the market to achieve long term, sustainable competitive advantage over other companies. We have also positioned ourselves to provide clients, associates and consumers with the quality product and service that they can trust for more than 22 years.Our strength and ability to deliver has bagged us numerous respected awards and esteemed admirations. Our belief that our employees are the greatest assets to our organizations and subsidies is another key strength that makes us stand out:

Investment Activities

Increased investing activities over the time in subsidies owned by our group is one of the key factors of our rapid growth. Our dynamic growth over the years would not have been possible without our insightful investments into proper sectors and divisions. Our investments are not just concentrated in traditional boundaries of enterprise and go beyond them to areas such as research, development and exploration of new markets. Our future plans are even more ambitious and purposeful to attain our vision and mission.

Corporate Management

We have established strict and widely practiced management principles and standards for operation and management activities in all our core competencies. These principles and techniques have been engineered and tested over the span of time amidst the challenges surrounding our business environment. These essential principles and standards for the backbone of our long term sustainable growth and expansion of our infrastructure. Our group is led by a dynamic and knowledgeable management team that have installed good corporate governance and risk management practice.

Our People

Our group is comprised of a dynamic workforce of more than 2000 people that we like to refer as our strength and our greatest asset. This workforce is controlled and managed by the same competent corporate management team with years of experience in each discipline and following our management principles and standards. The workforce and management combined gives our group a competitive edge over others in terms of productivity and service delivery.

We have setup a qualified employee appraisal system for evaluating vital skills and experience in order to ensure that our workforce has the up-to-date and significant experience to conduct the job they have been assigned and to ensure that they are constantly becoming better each day. The management has allocated momentus resources for numerous trainings and skill development programs. We are extremely proud of the fact that continual investment in building human resource competences and polishing of young talents have enabled us to have the best employees at key positions.

Innovative Process

The bedrock of the group’s success has been the technological innovation and the dauntless ability to adopt science and scientific means. At our subsidies innovation and research and development efforts are firmly linked to each other. Encouraging each member of our combined workforce is the essence of fostering innovation within our group. We believe innovation will not just pave way for the survival of a product or business, but will help it thrive and drive increased profits. What makes us stand out the crowd for adopting the innovation process is that we go beyond just involving our workforce and by making suppliers, business partners and business network connections support the creative process of innovation.

Environment Protection

As an energy and fuel logistics company we believe we have a greater responsibility of protecting the environment. We also have constantly been offering ideas and implementing them to reduce environmental impacts as a result of our operations while reducing cost at the same time. Our entire group and subsidies seek to balance our business activities and environmental conservation efforts so that we can better contribute to the society. Our increased priority and investment in LP gas, which itself is a environment friendly and source of clean energy, stands as a good example. We take into consideration environment and pollution factors during procurement of products and services needed for our operation. Logistics activities such as packaging, warehousing, disassembly and transportation have been systemized to reduce environmental load. Recycling and reusability is another basis which helps us reduce environmental impact and stand as a good corporate citizen.

Safety Efforts

Safety remains our utmost priority for our business operation activity. We have established a culture of safety within all subsidies of or group and we clearly recognize that maintaining safety is our most important mission. Safety awareness programs and in-house training are regularly conducted under the supervision of our management team to maintain a high degree of alertness and recognition of safety standards. Scheduled inspections and check-ups of business instruments are strictly conducted in a proactive manner to ensure safety. We take proactive measures when it comes to employee health care and prominence measures are taken to improve workplace safety.

Community Efforts

The region where our business activities are concentrated consists of a society where local community structure is valued. We cannot stay apart from this beautiful culture. We encourage and energise the local communities by working with them and participating in their social and cultural activities. We also contribute to their efforts as we feel part of the community itself and interact with them with the aim to make the community better.


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