Bolt Charging Network

BOLT, is a cutting-edge electric vehicle charging solution that is powered by the BOLT operating system, BOLT application, and the BOLT Universal EV charging point. BOLT charging points are affordable and easy to install, IOT- enabled smart device that are compatible with almost all EVS, enabled by the technology advanced BOLT OS software platform, BOLT charging point owner and electric vehicle user can join a concerned EV charging marketplace on the BOLT APP and help fuel EVs through a simple scan –pay-charge system.

Aiming to create easy access to Evs and realizing the cause of hardship for Integrating and Establishing a foundation for Evs is mainly due to severe lack of Infrastructure. Bolt aims to reach its goal by creating the world’s largest EV charging infrastructure while simultaneously develop a smart OS to keep electric vehicle smart safe and connected.

With BOLT OS Software platform, one can easily locate, book the charging point with QR code scanning and easily ride away with applicable charging amount determined by charging time. Build and designed with Protection and Safety norms, users are fully assured with over voltage, under voltage, over current, Surge protection, Ground fault protection, Emergency shutdown with alarm and Protection against Electric Shock.

We think, through Bolt, we can perfectly align our group’s vision with the current need of the country and the EV market by rapidly establishing charging networks by introducing all level 1, 2 and 3 charging solutions in every possible location and eventually making the use of EV much more convenient to the people. We have targeted to commence sales from 1st Feb 2023 for Bolt Charging Network. Bolt charging networks are suitable for EV user’s home/office, Gyms, colleges, hotel, restaurants, cafes, business complexes, highway stops, government offices, apartments, fuel stations and many other places where people could spend 1 hour or more.

Our aim is set the charging network up across Nepal, and create an ecosystem between charging networks and EV users where they can plan their travels without worry across the country.
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